Sunday, April 18, 2010

from the edge of the plague: crows and skulls

another week, another sick as hell reqbat; i'm beginning to wonder if my focus on crow and skull art isn't some rather sinister obsession with death stemming from my constantly ill state this past year and a bit.

at any rate, last night i managed to sit upright long enough to experiment with a new idea: crow banners!

using pages from an old colour theory book, i drew my trusty crow friends in minature and fastened them to the backs of the squares- each square is about 3 1/4", each opening 1 1/4". then i strung 3 separate banners using embroidery thread.

i think it turned out well & i hope to experiment with this format again; i'm not sure what a crow banner is good for, specifically, but i think everyone should still HAVE one.

this morning i've managed to prop myself up on/at my desk long enough to finish my latest custom skull request:

i like her quite a bit.

now, back into bed to tuck in with my laptop and watch doctor who online!

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